Monday, September 16, 2013

Burger King Breakfast Platter

I had the 'Breakfast Platter' at Burger King over the weekend.
Egg omelette with melted cheese and turkey ham chunks in it. Steamy and moist.
Sausage, grilled tomato, croissant and hash-brown.
Washed everything down with coffee. ^^
I really enjoyed my meal. :)

Damage: $7.30
Rating: 4 out of 5

Burp Burp,
Yummy Warrior


  1. Hi, I have been following your investment blog as a silent reader. Your journey has been inspiring and I was reading up to July 24 2012 last weekend. Today the blog is closed to me. Will you please please consider adding me to your reader list? Or at least share the past posts? Thank you, Pansy

    Sorry I am not item savvy. I looked into my google account to post this comment but my name remains unknown,,,

  2. banks and reits crashing, take care bro